Mindful Mastery of Emotions


Perhaps the most useful skill we can all learn is emotional tolerance. By mastering this skill, we can open up to any emotion without trying to change it. We also can feel the unpleasant sensations in the body, without being afraid of them. That requires a certain degree of mindful, non-judgemental awareness. Rather than letting our mind try to move away from what is unpleasant, we allow ourselves to be with what is. We accept our emotional states the way they are.

What happens when we do that? We realize, that these emotionally charged sensations change, shift and eventually go away. We also realize that they are not fatal. That gives us enormous power. We don’t have to act on every emotion we have, we can observe it and let it pass.We gain the ability to act despite our emotions. We may be able to feel the fear and do it anyway. We can become overwhelmed with depression and deep down know it is just a momentary state that will not last forever.

Emotional tolerance develops gradually and starts with a single moment of mindfulness. Let yourself become aware of what is happening in your body right now without trying to change it. Observe how these sensations come and go. Accept this moment the way it is.


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