Discovering Your Life’s Work

Many of us struggle with career decisions at some point in our lives. L. Boldt in the book “Zen and the Art of Making a Living”, describes the basic factors that will likely come into place, to create your life’s work. The following framework can be a helpful guide in search for an unique vocation:

Integrity – Your life’s work is aligned with your values and things you deeply care about. It is born out of your ideals and visions. It gives you sense of meaning and purpose.

Question: What do I care about? What do I stand for? What are my values?

Service – Your life’s work gives you an opportunity to make the world a better place. It becomes your unique opportunity to contribute to greater good.

Question: How do I want to serve?

Enjoyment – You life’s work is something you truly enjoy to do. Without enjoyment, your creativity may not find a true expression and you are likely to get burned out.

Question:  What do I love to do? What kind of activities help me experience joy, engagement and creativity?

Excellence – Your life’s work is something you are really good at and something you are willing to fully dedicate yourself to.

Question: What am I willing to persist at, until I achieve excellence?


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